Welcome to Lucas Ruth

Created by Adam Lucas and Vicky Ruth Haycock


In 2017, after having worked for two years in one of the UK's most prestigious leather factories, Adam start crafting leather journals as gifts for friends and family. When the opportunity arose for us to spend nine months studying abroad, we took this new found love of leather journal making and started selling them to raise money for our studies. It was through this fundraising that Lucas Ruth was born!

Whilst living in America, Adam had a dream to turn his passion for leather into a sustainable business and, after a few meaningful signs and a long trip back home to the UK, we began the steps to turn this dream into a reality. Two years later, after establishing a successful Etsy store, developing more products, and a lot of learning on the job, Lucas Ruth is growing every day and has become an important part of our lives!

Why do we love doing what we do? We are passionate about creativity and getting what is inside of you...out! We believe that our handmade journals provide a valuable place for you to do this. From the beautiful, characterful leather that encloses the book to the very pages of paper within it, we want you to feel free when using our books to express yourself in whatever way you know how! This is why we make sure that the utmost care is taken when crafting each and every book, from the first cut of the leather to the sealing of the box that we post it in.

It's not just our journals that we hope you find value in - we are constantly developing new and exciting leather goods that will bring even more beauty, creativity and joy to your lives! 

Meet Our Team 


Owner, Maker, and Innovator.
Adam is Lucas Ruth's number one guy!


Creative Support and Content Queen.
Vicky manages all things web and social.